Ford Focus – Ireland’s Best Selling Vehicle

Ford Focus continues to be Ireland’s best-selling vehicle since 2001 and most 65,000 automobiles happen to be offered here because the vehicle was released 11 years back.

Why Focus?

It’s a small family vehicle that has been prised for quality, reliability, comfort and lively driver responsiveness. Since its launch in 1998 the vehicle has won over 60 honours around the globe. It had been given 13 Vehicle of the season honours and it was also selected because the best is more specific groups (e.g. “The very best family vehicle”, “Eco-friendly Vehicle of the seasonInch for Ford Focus ECOnetic). Interesting design, comparatively inexpensive repairs, fuel efficiency has managed to get an innovator in the class.

New Ford Focus Rallye Sport

For additional demanding clients there’s a brand new Ford Focus Rallye Sport: low-volume high-performance form of the vehicle. The brand new RS had its debut in the Geneva Motor Show in March. It is now already obtainable in Ireland and United kingdom. Sometimes it can go -100km/h (-62 miles per hour) in five.9 seconds and it has a high speed of 263 km/h (163 miles per hour). It’s also a competent vehicle, because it needs 9.4 litres per 100km (30. mpg) and it has a typical CO2 rating of 225 grams per km. Because the manufacturer claims “you’ll either like it …or really, love it”.

Ford Concentrate occasions of crisis

Focus appears to become a perfect vehicle even just in occasions of crisis, because it is offered by an aggressive cost and is honored in low operating costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs are relatively cheap). Because of high curiosity about the vehicle, the Ford’s engineers still give lots of interest towards the vehicle and every year you will find some enhancements brought to attract much more purchasers. Based on the Society from the Irish Motor Industry, Ford Focus continues to be Ireland’s favourite vehicle – within the first three several weeks of 2009 it had been again typically the most popular vehicle.

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