Purchase a used car in Inverness

There are many reputable companies advertising cars for sale Inverness. There are many good reasons for buying second-hand. Wait a few years for a great model to hit the second-hand market and you’ll be able to benefit from a plethora of excellent modern features for a fraction of what you would have paid originally. If you don’t know who the best dealers in your area are, why not look online for reviews or ask those in the know if they have anyone to recommend? People who are new to the used car market often get assistance from more experienced friends and family members

Get the right deal for you

Before you hand over your cash, ensure you’ve taken a good long look at the paperwork attached to the car. Make sure evidence of a full service history is available and check that all the good things you’ve been told about the car are supported by the documents. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to and view the car in dry and light conditions where faults cannot be masked by rain, darkness or anything else the climate might obscure.

The Sale of Goods Act

Though it is possible to strike an excellent deal with a private seller, you won’t get the legal protection of the Sale of Goods Act, which makes it easier to return cars after they have been mis-sold to you. A private seller could simply say they told you about the condition of a car if you find it’s not fit for the road. Furthermore, the vast majority of dealers belong to trade networks which they could be kicked out of it they fail to treat you fairly. It will always be in their best interests to treat you with care.

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