What Features Makes Mercedes C-Class Stand Out from All Other Versions

Mercedes has been the most favorite and appealing brands among people all over the world. There are several different models launched by Mercedes. Out of them C- class has been rated as one of the most reliable versions. There are certain features that make it the most desirable car on the market.

Petrol Engine

The homogeneous or stratified direct injection along with Class C is launched on the market. The rails allow high pressure injection of around 200 bars. The optimized valve timing comes with changing camshaft adjustment. The ability of C 200 petrol engine is restricted to generation of a maximum power output of 135 KW or 184 hp. A peak torque value of 300 Nm makes it a high-performance option for car lovers.

Genuine accessories

It is very important to pay attention to the accessories with which Mercedes C Class car comes. This car is customized to suit your lifestyle. From added safety, and entertainment features, to enhanced navigation, this car is manufactured with the perfect set of accessories for the vehicle.

Absolute fascination and attractive dynamism

High technological drive system, maximum individuality and performance suspension ensure typical AMG to offer high end driving performance to its users. The engine of the Mercedes-AMG C-Class comes with 3 engine variants with different power output capacity.

Sport design

The first thing that catches the attention of people is its sleek and sporty design. It is made to provide a lot of space and a rich elegant look to its users. The lean, capable and confident appearance with accuracy and continuous flow of passion defines its every move.

An unending entertainment

This car is sensuously sculpted and generously sized. The C-Class cabin offers excellence in functionality and form. Engagement and enjoyment flow easily from vivid displays and intuitive controls. Advanced and state of the art comforts revitalize your senses.

Distinctive design

This is the feature that differentiates Class C 300 from other models. Sporty style is its standard. It comes with a robust grille and seventeen inches wheel. Genuine quality of its parts gives a real feeling to its riders.

Ultramodern design can’t hide a custom of craftsmanship that is generations deep. All the four wood options are handcrafted and finished. Seats are immaculately tailored and invitingly contoured. Users are also provided with 3 colors of ambient lighting.


Due to the above exemplary features, C class by Mercedes makes it one of the most popular models.

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